Paula Cirulli, Realtor®

As one of the top Realtors® in Williamson and south Davidson Counties, Paula’s pro-active approach puts the ‘Signature of Success‘ on every transaction.

It is the unmistakable signature placed on everything she does, a reflection of the integrity and good taste which serve Paula as a guide in every endeavor.  From business associates to fellow volunteers with the Chamber of Commerce and in the community, people who live and work around Paula know she takes a challenge one step farther than anyone else.

For the former counselor, her determination is the cornerstone of a personal philosophy based on helping others.  “My experience with people has been invaluable,” Paula says.  “To be able to help someone achieve their goal is a most satisfying feeling.”  Today, as one of the leading business figures in the Brentwood area, Paula helps others realize their dreams of home ownership. “I was brought up to appreciate every opportunity and to work hard to make the most of them,“ Paula says.  “It’s a way of life I have always tried to follow, both personally and professionally.”  Based on her success in real estate and the pride she shows in her family and in everything she does, it’s obvious those lessons have played a vital part in her life.

Whether actively marketing your home, researching the local area for your dream home, or negotiating an ideal agreement, she is a professional who is always on the cutting edge of the latest trends and advances.  “One of the things that is most important to me is keeping abreast of and exceeding the latest industry standard,” Paula says. “Making myself a better professional means constantly keeping on top of new strategies to help my clients.”

What sets Paula apart is her insistence on doing the little things that make a big difference.  As a buyer or seller, that ensures that your transaction will go smoothly, without any detail being overlooked.  As a Realtor, Paula has carried on a tradition of excellence throughout the Brentwood area.  With her organized, efficient manner, Paula consistently gets results on which you can count.  Whether showcasing a home, brainstorming a creative marketing strategy, or serving as an ace negotiator, Paula offers buyers and sellers a complete package of resources and expertise.  Call Paula today, and put the signature of success on your transaction.

“I believe that good service is about listening, reflecting, developing a team approach, and helping to achieve a successful end for my client.”